Marketing’s Most Essential Tool: Labels

One of the basic rules of marketing is for consumers to recognize your product. Labeling is used to bring identification and to enhance the appearance of the product.

Labeling gives the product its unique image, but it also provides information about the product. It spreads awareness among the customers regarding the ingredients that they are consuming through the product.

The importance of labels for any brand can be highlighted through the following points.

  • Grabs the attention of the consumer.
  • Encourages the customer to buy the product.
  • Communicates with the consumer regarding the proper usage and disposal of the product and packaging.

Label printing in Toronto is done for different products that include the following elements.

  • Ingredients

The label allows the consumer to know the components and ingredients used to make the product. Along with that, it also includes the percentage of those ingredients used.

  • Health Risks

If the product contains any ingredient that may cause an allergy or reaction in the consumers, then such a warning is also mentioned on the packaging label. Warnings against child usage, presence of harmful substances also need to be mentioned.

  • Instructions

Some products, such as cosmetics, medicines, cleaning products, etc., may require special instructions for their proper usage. These step-by-step instructions need to be mentioned on the packaging label as well.

  • Promotion and Marketing

Consumers are attracted to bright packaging that shows attractive images. Such labels can be used to market the product and set it apart from other competitors. Special offers, sales, etc., can also be promoted using the label.

Along with these, labels are required on products that are imported by customs as per the rules of the government.

Different types of labels

In marketing, based on the aim of the packaging, label printing is of the following types.

  • Branded product labels

Labels that portray that a certain product belongs to a particular brand are referred to as branded products. These labels can be removable or non-removable, based on the surface that they are used on.

  • Information labels

These labels are commonly used on food products and other goods on which instructions need to be mentioned. The information may be an ingredient list or disposal and recycling instructions. These labels are usually made from eco-friendly substances to not react or permanently stick to the surface they are attached to.

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