5 Things to Consider for An Impactful Brochure Design

Designing a brochure is not as easy as most people think. It has to be attractive and should be effective enough to carry the required information for the reader. Yes, the more useful your brand’s brochure is, the longer its life with your consumer and the higher the chances of getting passed on to more leads.

As printing accounts for most of the job, it’s crucial to hire only professional brochure printing in Vaughan, having the required expertise. Nevertheless, here are a handful of essential things you must consider for effective designing and printing.

  • Determine the purpose

As a brochure does the job of carrying and promoting information about your brand, the foremost step is to determine its objectives. What is the target market where my brochure will go? Will it be sent by mail or distributed directly through hands?

Answering these questions and planning accordingly is the foundation of an effectively designed booklet.

  • Brochure folds

Most professional brochure printing in Vaughan goes for fold-style brochures, which are trendy and convenient. Distinguishing the appropriate number of folds and the right fold style can add to its effectiveness.

For example- a sequence of steps or product features can be printed on consecutive folds revealing one by one, which is highly attractive and user-intuitive.

  • Right typography

A brochure’s primary purpose is to talk to your consumers about your brand/services. Thus, you must make it readable with the help of appealing yet straightforward font styles. The readability and visual appeal of the brochure can be enhanced by adding complementing subheadings, bullet points, etc.

  • Use high-quality graphics

Just like typography, graphics also play a crucial role in determining the overall visuals of the brochure. Avoid using low-resolution/blurry photos as they look tacky and unprofessional. Also, the selection of images must be innovative and match the brochure’s content.

That’s why one must always go for a certified brochure printing in Vaughan, which uses the best-quality graphics for your brochure.

  • Include a CTA

Arguably, call-to-action is the smallest yet most powerful part of your brochure. Make your CTA precise yet inviting to your services such as – Give us a call, Check out our new range, etc. Most importantly, it must stand out to encourage the consumer towards your services.

An effective design of a brochure highly depends on its printing quality. At Printing Box, we provide the best-in-class graphic designing and brochure printing. Contact us today at 905-850-6269 or drop us a mail at info@printingbox.ca.