Things You Should Know Before Using Large Format Printing

Large format printing is one of the many ways businesses and companies use to promote their services and products. Large format printing allows a lot of content to come into one print so that the customers and viewers can clearly understand the message a business is trying to put forth.

But choosing the right company to assign your large format printing contract is hard. One small mistake in the large format printed banner will ruin the whole picture. So, you should consider the following points before finalizing your contract.

1. The working of large format printing

Large format printing is done in the same way as digital printing, but on a bigger scale. Large nozzles and the press lays the toner down, and the product absorbs the ink directly. It creates an authentic print and is quicker than digital printing. One can easily create high-quality pictures.

2. The types of printers used.

The two types of printers used are flatbed printers and roll-to-roll printers, and sometimes both. In flatbed printers, the UV lights solidify the liquid ink onto the substrate during the printing process. If you wish to print directly on thick substrates, consider these printers.

In roll-to-roll printers, a roll material, on which the message is printed, unrolls onto another uptake roller, and the banner is printed. Use these printers for canvases or banners.

3. File preparation

File preparation helps in determining the quality of the printing. Consider the length of the material role and the printer used. Choose the highest resolution file to ensure that the pixels do not deform and ruin the overall print once it is printed.

4. Products suitable for large format printing

The common products printed through large format printing are banners, point of purchase displays, wall and floor graphics, trade show signage, posters, and yard signs. If you wish to print any of these, consider large format printing instead of digital printing.

5. Benefits of large format printing

Large format printing allows a larger advertisement of your company and durable UV-solidified ink that stays longer than any other ink, even in extreme weather conditions. You can print on various substrates like vinyl, cloth, canvas, foam board, and corrugated plastic.

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