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Understanding the Goal of Print Marketing

When it comes to Digital Marketing, we take the time to understand your company’s print marketing goals and factor in your company’s budget. During our consultation, we invite you to tell us about previous marketing strategies you have used in the past and we’ll incorporate them into your current print marketing goals.

Various Options to target customers

At Printing Box, in order to gain maximum exposure, we offer several product options intended for your target customers. Before deciding which options will go to print, you and the marketing team will always have final approval. Nothing ever goes to print without your final decision.

Design Services

We work with a team of highly creative graphic designers who are trained professionals in design services. If you need graphic design services on your current product, our graphic designers are more than happy to keep your Brand in mind and add a fresh look to your product.


At Printing Box, we abide by strict timelines and create a schedule of deliverables based on the fiscal year. In the deliverable schedule, we outline specific dates that highlight which days and weeks incorporate design, proofs, print, packaging, and delivery time.

Product Readiness

Once your product is ready to ship out, we offer bundling into 50’s/100’s or according to your company requirements to send it out for distribution. We also offer Canada Post bundling and labeling and can drop the product off at the requested distribution centre or company dock.


At Printing Box, we believe that consistent communication is important to keep you afloat during the printing process. During every stage of collaboration, we notify you with daily and weekly emails to update you on the status of your product. Once the product has been delivered, you will be notified by email, as well.

About The Industry

  • Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing requires less set up than offset due to no drying time for inks. Digital printing is an affordable and cost effective solution for small print jobs under 1000 copies. The main benefit of digital printing is that it can be processed on several mediums including paper, glass, metal, and marble and the quality of the outcome is never compromised.

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