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A guide to different types of printing and their uses

For a long time, printing has been making an important contribution to how the idea is distributed and conveyed. With the development of new methods in printing, today there are so many types of printing that printers and creators can choose from.

Offset Printing

Offset printing in Vaughan is commonly used for printing materials that are needed to be printed in a large quantity, such as brochures, flyers, postcards and packaging boxes. In Offset Printing, an inked image goes through a plate and then onto the paper material. Due to the ability to deliver huge production in a very short time, offset printing is one of the most common types of printing used for commercial large-scale printing.


Flexographic printing is typically a high-speed modern version of the letterpress method of printing. In this method, the material in which it is printed runs a series of flexible rubber plates. Each of these plates is fed with different colored ink with a specialized roller. As the material passes through the plates, it receives different shades and colors, thereby building up the desired image or message onto the material.

Flexo printing in Vaughan allows for fast, high-quality, cost-effective printing for a variety of mass-produced goods similar to offset printing. It is a popular printing method for labels, Packaging, and print media.

Digital Printing

In current times, digital printing is one of the printing methods that is fast and is becoming popular due to its rapid printing process and high-quality outputs. In the digital printing method, the need for preparing plates like in flexographic and that of offset printing is not required and there is no need to go through the setup process. Hence, this saves money, time, energy as well as manpower. In digital printing, the artwork is designed on a computer and then printed directly onto a variety of substrates. Digital printing in Vaughan is good for short run of brochures, postcards, flyers, envelopes and stationary items.

Screen Printing

Screen printing in Vaughan also known as silk screening is considered the most versatile form of print reproduction. In this method of printing, the ink is transferred to a base by pressing it through a stenciled mesh screen in order to create an image or message.
Screen printing is used for printing images on various materials like paper, fabric, metal, plastic and glass. It is commonly used for printing on promotional items such as pens, mugs, hats and clothing.

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