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Gathering Requirements

Before sending any proofs off for printing, we offer a consultation we sit down with you and discuss the needs and expectations of the project. Feel free to bring in any previous or current works and items to the consultation and we can make some recommendations. At the end of the consultation, we provide a quote that will accommodate your price point.

Various Options

At Printing Box, we offer various product options including different stocks, paper types, and inks. Before deciding which paper stock to use for your product, we provide paper samples for you to see and compare against each other. You always make the final decision as to what paper stock will be used for your product.

Design Services

Printing Box works with a team of professional graphic designers who provide excellent design services in Brampton, Mississauga, and Vaughan. If you haven’t worked with a graphic designer before or need one to work on your current product, we can assign the very best and most creative designers to your project.


Before sending your product off to printing, we send you an e-proof to review and approve. If you have any revisions that need to be made, just let us know and mark it down on the e-proof. Once you approve the e-proof, sign it off and send us the final confirmation.


At Printing Box, we realize time is a factor and we will come up with an entire deliverable schedule for the project for the fiscal year. In the schedule, a timeline with deadlines is outlined that will include the time frame related to design, proofs, print, packaging, and delivery time.

Product Readiness

Once your product has been printed, we do bundling into 50’s/100’s or according to your company requirements to send it out for distribution. We also do Canada Post labeling and can drop the product off at any distribution centre or to the company dock in GTA, Brampton, Mississauga, and Vaughan.


At Printing Box, we also offer e-flyers for digital marketing. Interactive e-flyers are exactly like printed flyers, except they are digitally formatted and can be emailed to your company’s email subscriber list.


During our cooperation, we keep you constantly informed at various stages of the printing project. We develop a team concept by sending daily and weekly emails updating you on the status of your product.

The Benefits of Web Printing

There are numerous Benefits of Web Printing which include:

High Speed Process

Web printing offers a speedy service that allows books, brochures, flyers, magazines, and catalogues to be printed in a short period of time.


Customization allows you to create, revise, and finalize exactly what you want your final product to look like.

Simple & Secure

Web Printing also makes it easy to create and order your prints online through an intuitive shopping cart process.

Reduced Costs

Reducing costs and increasing profits can really improve your bottom line.

Types Of Web Printing

  • Hot Web Press Printing
  • Cold Web Press Printing

Hot Web Press Printing

Hot Web Press Printing is a printing process where ink dries by running the printed paper through an oven, right after ink has been applied by the printers.

When the paper goes through the oven, the oil based solvents in the ink go through a process of evaporation called “flashpoint”. Flashpoint produces remnants of resin, waxes, and pigment on the paper.

The paper goes through chilling rollers where the waxes and resins cool off and set into the paper. The result? Hot web press printing produces a cleaner more upscale look.

We recommend if your project consists of magazines and catalogues printed with coated (glossy) paper,  hot web press printing process is the best option to choose because it does not absorb ink. Hot web press printing has become the most popular choice for advertisers as they produce professional direct mail campaigns, flyers, and supplemental inserts printed on glossy paper.

Cold Web Press Printing

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