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Project Requirements

Before the project begins, we gather and analyze your product placement as to where it’s going to be used. Along with the duration of exposure to the public, we also check out the location where these signs will require installation. With promotional products that require screen printing, we can work within your budget.

Best Options

At Printing Box, we take into account the primary use of the product and suggest the best printing options for your project. When working with multi-colored logos, we’ll work within your budget limits and offer the best options that will bring maximum results.

Design Services

We welcome your very own designs to be used in the project or leave the design up to our team of graphic designers to create the layout. Once the design has been completed, we’ll give you a product sample to review for final approval.


At Printing Box, we abide by a deliverable schedule that accommodates multiple timelines for different project. All samples are given to you for approval well before the set deadline and all final products are released on time.


At Printing Box, daily, weekly, and monthly updates are sent to you via email alerting you with your project’s progress on your company’s deliverable schedule

About The Industry

  • Screen Printing
  • T-Shirt Printing

Screen Printing Machines

The main advantage of screen printing is the captivating visuals it creates without breaking your budget. The inks used in screen printing are very durable which produce vibrant colours that are particularly useful for outdoor promotions. If you have a big job that requires vibrant colors that highlight your brand, screen printing is fast and efficient and can bring in optimal results from customers.

screen printing

T-Shirt Printing Machines

At Printing Box, we offer screen printing on different promotional products such as T-shirts, bottles, mugs, and banners. The main advantage of T-shirt printing is you can print it on demand. From a small number to thousands of different sizes, we can produce top-quality t-shirt print on your merchandise.

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